Shay Brown , 12 May 2021

Dear  Deb  

I received a parcel in the mail today that I was not expecting since I have not  been doing a grate deal of on-line splurging due to recent budget restrictions  for saving and investment purposes.  

I was at first hesitant to open it thinking it may have been miss addressed or named but all seemed to check out so I did and now I must thank you from the bottom of my heart, as up unti this point the whole  experence of purchasing a house, to build a home out of and hopefully enjoy for many years to come has been some what of a stressful and melancholy experience. 

I don't think it had actually sunk in completely and never really felt like it was happening  or having any effect on my life but opening that card and box just brought it all crashing in to reality and deeply touch me.  

So once again thank you and the team at Weipa Real Estate who helped to make this happen I hope you have a excellent weekend because you just made my year..